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RoB-Team [RoB]

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1RoB-Team [RoB] Empty RoB-Team [RoB] on Wed Nov 09, 2011 1:34 pm

Team Information
Team Name:RoB-team
Team Tag:RoB
Team Country:Russian Federation
Team Bnet Server: -
Team Website:

Contact information
Head manager: Gredeshi
GGC ID:Gredeshi
Best way to contact: ICQ#: 430-798-913 or Skype: Gredeshi

Sub manager:NoProblem
GGC ID: RoB.NoProblem
Best way to contact: ICQ#: 431980525 or Skype: NoProblem

Season 1
W1: RoB-Team [RoB] RU RoB 1:4 RoB-Team [RoB] DE DkH
W2: RoB-Team [RoB] RU RoB 0:4 RoB-Team [RoB] KR A1
W3: RoB-Team [RoB] RU RoB 0:5 RoB-Team [RoB] DE BiA
W4: RoB-Team [RoB] RU RoB 5:0 RoB-Team [RoB] RU PoM
W5: RoB-Team [RoB] RU RoB 1:4 RoB-Team [RoB] BY BLR.hQ
W6: RoB-Team [RoB] RU RoB 1:4 RoB-Team [RoB] RU eVo
W7: RoB-Team [RoB] RU RoB 0:0 RoB-Team [RoB] EU TeamName

Remaining SubCard: 2
Remaining WildCard: 2

RoB-Team [RoB] RU RoB-Team [RoB] Human_10 KHV.WannotDie
RoB-Team [RoB] RU RoB-Team [RoB] Human_10 x3-DemoN
RoB-Team [RoB] RU RoB-Team [RoB] Human_10 asyousleep
RoB-Team [RoB] RU RoB-Team [RoB] Human_10 Temik
RoB-Team [RoB] RU RoB-Team [RoB] Human_10 RoB.Temper
RoB-Team [RoB] RU RoB-Team [RoB] Human_10 RoB-Team [RoB] Orc_10 Mr.KoH4eHUU
RoB-Team [RoB] RU RoB-Team [RoB] Orc_10 RoB.NoProblem
RoB-Team [RoB] RU RoB-Team [RoB] Elf_10 Gredeshi
RoB-Team [RoB] RU RoB-Team [RoB] Elf_10 WorldAllowsMe
RoB-Team [RoB] RU RoB-Team [RoB] Elf_10 DepressedElf
RoB-Team [RoB] RU RoB-Team [RoB] Elf_10 CorePlay!NitrO
RoB-Team [RoB] RU RoB-Team [RoB] Undead10 ZOTAC.Asusleep

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