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WWL Rules

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1WWL Rules  Empty WWL Rules on Fri Nov 04, 2011 9:56 pm

1. Information
1.1 WC3 WOrld League (WWL) is an International Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne League.
1.2 The email address for WWL is
1.3 All participating teams agree and are expected to abide by the league rules for all WWL related events and communications.
1.4 Default CW Room is Other Tournaments and Leagues, but if agreed by both teams it can be in a different room, but never in
1.5 In order to participate in WWL your manager or organizer MUST have MSN Instant Messenger

2. Definitions

2.1 Teams - A team consists of 4 or more unique players that collectively apply and compete together as a single unit. Players may only be a part of a single team.
2.2 Team Manager - Each team must designate at least one member to represent, manage, and administer the team. Managers coordinate the match time/date and arrangements with league administrators and other team managers.
2.3 Players - Players competing in WWL must be a member of only one team at any given time in WWL.
2.4 Membership - Team membership is based on the official roster posted in the WWL Team Profile forum.
2.5 Wild Card - This card may be used during a clan war to postpone the series to another time.
2.6 Sub Card - This card can be used to substitute/replace the player. But the Substitute player can't be on the line ups.

3. Competing System
3.1 Clan War - A clan war consists of five BO3 series. It is the new WC3L style of clan war.
3.2 Regular Season - WWL Regular Season consist of 12 over-all teams. Where 1 division of 12 teams are made.
3.3 Playoffs - 6 teams with the highest points from the regular season. The winner of the season playoffs is crowned champion.
3.4 Manners - All players and team and neutral hosts affiliates are required to maintain a minimum standard of conduct at all times. Manners are considered to be society's accepted form of behavior.

4. League Format
4.1 Team match-ups for the following play week will be announced on every week. The announcement will also specify the map pool of the week.
4.2 Team's organizers are responsible for scheduling the clan war with the opposing team and informing WWL Administrator. The time must be confirmed by the opponent.
4.2.1 If a team is unreachable they will be penalized and forced to play at a time selected by the other team.
4.2.2 Don't hesitate to contact the league if you have trouble scheduling a CW. If you need help simply Email me at or contact directly to an administrator and we'll help get your match done on time.
4.2.3 Team's organizers can use the scheduling forums created in WWL forums to help scheduling with the opponent.
4.2.4 If teams cannot agree on a scheduled time the default time for matches will be the last day from the week at 12:00 EST // 18:00 CET.
4.3 Organizers are to send a line-ups (Player Pool) indicating the designated player on the map of that week, country and races indicated in roster before the war to WWL no later than 30 minutes before the scheduled clan war.
4.4 A full lineup is composed of four solo players and two players for the 2v2 series with the map each player is playing on clearly designated. The player's name will be revealed five (5) minutes or earlier(when ever both line-ups are recieved) before the clan war starts.
4.4.1 If all the administrators are unavailable continue the CW and post the results on WWL Forum.
4.5 Players must play with the race indicated in your roster for the players' first game.
4.6 Before each bo3, players can pick one veto.
4.7 Teams receives X Sub Cards for the qualifiers and X Wild Cards.
4.7.1 Teams receive 2 Sub Cards for the regular season and 2 Wild cards.
4.7.2 Only one of each card type may be used per clan war
4.8 Teams receives a point for each series won.(max of 5 per clan war)
4.9 The clan war must be played continuously with the time interval between matches not to exceed 10 minutes. (Unless directed by an administrator)
4.9a During a match you may not pause the game exceeding 2 minutes
4.10 The map pool is the set of maps each team organizer may draw from when announcing the player and map for the following match. The teams must use the league's map pool
4.11 All maps in the map pools may NOT be repeated
4.12 The map pool is shared
4.13 Players reserve the right to call "no obs" in which only a league admin or a neutral host that is not affiliated with neither teams may host and observe the game.
4.14 Both players and observers in league matches are to solely communicate using the English language(with exceptions ex: both international teams are from the same country).
4.15 If a team has been reported/suspected of hacking/vent hacking,etc. admin can go on to there vent server anytime privately or known.

5. Roster
5.1 A player may only be on one team roster.
5.2 A roster may consist of at most 20 players.
5.3 A team can add players to their roster any day, but they must wait seven (7) days to play that player.
5.4 Roster additions should be sent to WWL with the players Garena account, country & race.
5.4.1 Roster player deletion can be requested anytime.
5.5 A team can add/remove manager information at any time.
5.6 Players must play on the exact names provided in the team profile while playing in a clan war.
5.7 No players can be added to the roster once the team has played their final match for the season
5.7.1 If a player is ineligible for the teams' final match, said player will be unable to participate in the playoffs unless said player is ineligible due to suspension

6. Hosting & Lag
6.1 Hosting
6.1.1 The host must be agreed on by both players.
6.1.2 Clan matches must be played on GGC room Deportes Electronicos Cup Room unless agreed by both players to play on Battle.Net or another Garena room.
6.1.3 If the game is laggy it should be saved and re-hosted. Leaving a game without agreement between the other player and after the 2 minute mark constitutes a forfeit unless both teams agree to a regame.
6.1.4 If a player scouts or there is interactions between the 2 players the 6.1.3 rule no longer applies. Instead, an admin will make a decision to either regame or award a win where there is a clear advantage. If there was no advantage from either sides it will constitute a forfeit.
6.1.5 The game must be hosted under these parameters:
Game must be set on fastest.
Observers must be set to “Full observers.”
Team lock must be on
Random Heroes must be off.
Random Races must be off.
Fog of War must be on.
“Full” unit sharing must be off.
6.2 The host is expected to give equal amount of Observer spots to each team (EX: 12 total slots, 2 players, 1 admin, so expected to have 4 Observer spots for each team and so on)
6.2.1 If the host is from one of the team then still expected to be equal. If the host is from Team A then ... Team A 4 additional Observers, Team B 5 slots of Observers and 1 admin)
6.2.2 The admin has to be PRESENT in the game before it starts unless the admin gave directions to start w/out the admin and if there is a report that the admin did not give that instruction then one of the team has to give proof of the direction or it will be 1PP to both teams.
6.3 Disconnection
6.3.1 If a player disconnects before 2 minute mark has been reached regame will be called.
6.3.2 If a player scouts or there is interactions between the 2 players the 6.3.1 rule doesn't apply anymore.
6.3.3 If a player disconnects after the 2 minute mark, an admin will decide if a player wins or if a re-game is in order(6.1.4), unless both players agree to re-game.

7. Replays and Battle Report
7.0 Replays
7.1: Managers/Backup Mangers are responsible for making sure their teams replays are saved.
7.2: Managers must upload every replay won by their team to the replay databank on the site.
7.3: Replays must be sent in before the end of each Week.
7.3.1: If your match is scheduled Sunday, then you have until Monday Night 11:59p.m. to have the replays sent in.
7.4: If the replays are not sent in on time your team will receive .1 PP for each replay missing.
7.5 If no administrator was administrator was present during the war a Battle Report using the WWL Battle Report Format will be expected. (Unless administrator already made a battle report but blank)
7.5.1 If an administrator made a Battle Report but blank then the teams will be expected to send in the: Games Order, Who Wins/Loses, Maps, Final Result.

8. Forum/Site
8.1 WWL Site is meant for WWL Participating teams and players to look for latest match-up and such.
8.2 Our site is meant to be clean from all flaming, shit talking, and etc. We will give you warnings to help maintain this.
8.2.1 1st Offense- Warning.
8.2.2 2nd Offense- 3 days ban you from the forum.
8.2.3 3rd Offense- 14 days ban from forum.
8.2.4 4th Offense- After the 3rd Permanent ban can be issued but it will be determined by the administrators.
8.3 Your offense will be on your profile. (It will be under administrator's comments)
8.4 We will let you discuss just about ANYTHING in our General Discussion Board. It is there for entertainments, just a discussion, and more. It is even opened to the public to post without registering.
8.5 Help our forum stay clean. Smile

9 Player Offense

9.1 Players in WWL will have their own log of offenses in there profile.
9.2 Forum Offense- All the forum offenses accumulated will be in their profile and Penalty will be issued along if needed.
9.3 War Offense- All war offenses accumulated will be in their profile and Penalty will be issued if needed.
9.4 Outside Offense- All offenses outside of the league can be against you as well if it can be related to the league in any ways and Penalty will be issued if needed.
9.5 Player Penalty System
9.5.1 1st Offense - Warning
9.5.2 2nd Offense - Warning with 3 days ban from forum and 0.5PP To your respected team.
9.5.3 3rd Offense- 7 days ban from forum and 7 days suspension in CW and 1.0PP to your respected team.
9.5.4 4th Offense- Any offenses beyond 3rd Offense will result Player Expulsion / Ban from league and Forum Ban.
9.6 Penalty Substitution- This can be worked with a administrator to remove a penalty or change the penalty resolution. Will need a formidable excuse/proof of the request.

10. Penalty Point system
10.1 Penalty Points are assigned to a clan and are cumulative over the season.
10.2 Penalty points may only be assigned by a WWL admin.
10.3 One penalty points will result in the loss of one (1) point from the team’s standings.
10.4 Ten or more penalty points accumulated during the regular season will result in disqualification from the league.
10.5 Six or more penalty points accumulated during the qualifiers will result in disqualification from the league.
10.6 Penalty points may be issued for the following, but not limited to:
10.6.1 Site Abuse (.5)
10.6.2 Late or missing lineups, failing to schedule on time (1)
10.6.3 Forfeit game by not showing up. (1)
10.6.4 Bad manners including: name calling, disrespect, or other misbehavior is not and will not be tolerated. (
10.6.5 Missing Replays .1 PP for each replay missing.
10.6.6 Use of unapproved 3rd party programs such as the Ventrilio (2 or more as well team/player expulsion from WWL)
10.6.7 Roster abuse - this includes "double-tagging" and use of invalid players (2 or more and the player banned from WWL)
10.6.8 Cheating of any kind (3 or more as well as player/team expulsion from WWL)
10.6.9 Arguing to a administrator's decision. (If you think you were abused by an admin by this then contact the head administrator and further actions will be taken.)
10.6.10 Misleading the admins(3 or more)
10.6.11 Any other misconduct as judged by an admin

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