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My unpleasant duty to answer some reproaches

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1My unpleasant duty to answer some reproaches Empty My unpleasant duty to answer some reproaches on Wed Jan 25, 2012 4:25 pm

My unpleasant duty to answer some reproaches News10
BuZ uploaded a really harrassing thread about me at his wNL & nEL websites. He accuses me of different things which are not true in the way he presents them. I posted a statement there to counter those aspersions but he deleted it right away. For that reason I will post it here.

How you can see in the begin of that news, BuZ posted 2 screenshots where i confess "I am Liam", it's true, I am Liam.
Today my assistant manager, Sunrise, comes to told me about this bad thing, at the begin i was confused and surprised to read this news about your problems.
And given the turns that it took, I feel compelled to write this statement.
I think you should not mix everything. When I opened my league, buz had written an article like it's my league and where he told to everyone to don't register in wwl, how i can see some peoples joined my leagues despite everything, and i want to give them thanks.
Yes in the past i did wrong things, but i am sorry for them face to the entire community of this game, which is very very small luckily. I'm only a human and can do mistakes.
I will tell you why I denied being Liam. How BuZ had killed my reputation in his article, I thought the best way to defend myself was to deny it, but I was wrong and I regret it, I also want to give excuses to the community for that.
I think since this problem i proved to the community i'm not a bad guy, I conducted my league until the end and i have in idea to open a second season and i manage A1 since 3 months without any real problem.
But then BuZ has gone too far, he accused me of being a bad person about my past and now he has problems with his website and he accuses me to hack nEL & wNL. I have absolutely nothing to do with it.
I do not know what I did wrong to BuZ for he persists on me, I just want to understand why he continues to have some rage on me !
If BuZ did not see any problem, I want to have a talk with him front to the community if he wants!


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hi Liam:)

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Darkon nice man Smile Forgot this, u imba!

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You have the worst reputation ever in France. You hacked my msn and like 6 of my bnet accounts. Useless to mention that you failed so much projects (leagues, teams) and that you hacked some players on making some fake leagues just to get their password.
Everyone has to know this.

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Hi KurCo,

I don't deny to steal your accounts in the past, I had not hacked you and we have already discussed about that 5 years in the past, stealing & hacking it's different. And what happened there 6 years about this problem with you and others frenchies, since that can you give me some name about of who i stealed accounts ? No, because i haven't got problems since 6 years.
And you told me i failed some projects (team/leagues), yes maybe but nobody knows why then it's time to have to stop talking to say nothing.
And you say "You have the worst reputation ever in France", you really know BuZ reputation? The biggest french website banned him and everyone reject & hate him in the french community (
I think when you have a bad reputation it's stupid to attack someone from his past to pretend to be a good person.

Thanks for your intervention,

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lol are you rly serious talking about pandaria? I don't even call it a "league". Retarded staff, noob teams, big delays before playoffs and so on.
I could have been banned for the same reason than buz, passion is banned for it too. It doesn't mean anything coming from them.
And sorry but YOU are the worst reputation in french wc3 scene, you are known for this not for your "new" reputation or whoever you pretend to be nowadays.

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You really think that about them? Shit league? Some good french & international good teams play in this league.. What is your real problem? ..
I think if they ban you it's with reason, can't think it's for nothing..

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"Some good french & international good teams play in this league". Are you kidding?

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No, it's true man. Smile

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Ok you know the scene better than us.

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